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Taiwan’s “knitting queen” Pan Yiliang made gender neutral designs for her Gioia Pan brand’s 2011 spring and summer series. She adopted simple colors like black, grey and deep blue for both men’s and women’s lines. Other popular domestic labels like Dayarn and Cabbeen have also released new designs with androgynous elements.

Sales of this series of new products from stores in seven cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, are more than 30 percent higher than those of its conventional products. Nowadays, the middle-aged and elderly are not the only group of people interested in maintaining their health, as this has already become a hot topic for young people in ...

The patient, a 20-year-old woman, is believed to have suffered from cyber bullying after her information was leaked online. She has been targeted and labelled as the person to blame for the new Covid-19 outbreak in the city because of her frequent visits to local bars and clubs.

The quick industrial production resumption across China has helped the company ensure the smooth operation of its global supply chain by exporting product parts to Europe and the United States via intercontinental trains and ships, said Steve Jin, plant manager of ASSA ABLOY Entrance System Suzhou Co., Ltd. in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou.

Chinese products are very popular in Africa as they are cheap and of high quality. We have also been helping African countries to develop Made in Africa products, he said. Δ Cheng Tao, the former Chinese ambassador to African countries, also the former director-general of the Department of African Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ...

Apple also announced a new videogame subscription service will cost $5 a month when it rolls out on Sept. 19. Called Apple Arcade, the service will allow subscribers to play more than 100 games selected by Apple and exclusive to the service. The company's new phone models resemble last year's iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

The Taiwan Travel Act (TTA), which states that the US should allow high-level diplomatic exchanges between the United States and Taiwan, was signed by President Trump last week. It received little fanfare in North America, but the legislation raised eyebrows …

China has moreover signed five FTAs with developed countries: New Zealand, Singapore, Iceland, Switzerland, and Australia. Among the latter five, New Zealand is the first developed country to sign an FTA with China, and Iceland the first European country to sign an FTA with China. The China-ASEAN FTA is currently the only multilateral one.

He defined the current phase of China's economic development as "the new normal," which called for new solutions to growth, structure and a new driving force for the economy. From April 2013, he led a team of officials on producing a key report for the third plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, a document on deepening overall reform.

65 percent of the company’s products are sold overseas. Furthermore, it is now strengthening research and development of core technologies to further promote the brand. Chinese mobile giant Huawei unveiled its new Kirin 990 chipset series, including 990 5G, the world’s first 5G-integrated chipset at …

The latest update to Google's Translate mobile app extends the reach of Chinese mainland users beyond a Web-based version of the translation service, the US search giant said on Thursday, downplaying renewed speculation about its mainland comeback.

Launching new products in collaboration with the cartoon series “My Little Pony,” Little Bear has worked with artists to add more cultural elements to its products. Roaman launches an electric toothbrush in the color of avocado, in collaboration with China’s e-commerce giant .

Prepaid phone card are available for making international calls, you may buy a debit card from major telecom outlets. Major airlines, hotels and travel agencies take international credit cards, such as Master Card, Visa and American Express. To shop for souvenirs to take home, you can look around in some of the open markets.

Dec 12, 2010 · "Buy a house in the U.S., or settle in Australia": This used to be the standard advice circulating in some privileged groups, but now it's a common debate within the rapidly expanding middle class. A Chinese businessman spent US $33.2 million on a 500-square-meter apartment in April 2009, setting a new record on the New York real estate market.

The line started operation in 2011, and three new lines were later put into use in the city. Now, the city is planning to build more routes. As I learned, several new lines are expected to be opened before the end of the year. For instance, the Line 10 will stretch further north to the bank of the Weihe River.

The commission also suggested the use of face masks when going out. From that day on, the WCHC began to release updates on the disease in accordance with the law. (4) January 1, 2020: The NHC set up a leading group on the disease response.

Examining the China-Israel relationship over the years demonstrates a strengthening trend of the bilateral relations between the two countries. It is clear for both sides that collaboration between the two would benefit and take them both another step further. China is a model for a country that made its vision to lead global innovation.

As inflation starts to subside, China is entering a rate cutting cycle in 2012. There is a market consensus that rate cuts will hurt insurers' performance. In the past, a low guaranteed rate has made life insurance less attractive relative to wealth management products and term deposits offered by commercial banks.

A survey found that both Chinese and foreign businesses adopted double standards toward product quality for goods sold in the Chinese and overseas markets, according to a People’s Daily report on Dec. 2. Products in the Chinese market are usually of a lower quality compared to …

Morning of November 22, 2008, 685 Party members in Dengmingsi Town, Dongguang County in Cangzhou, Hebei Province vote in competitive election for a new town Party secretary. / Photo by CFP. III. Different Party Systems Are Influenced by Different Political Cultures. The Western-style multi-party system is a product of Western history and culture.

This trend also ultimately reflects the prosperity of these countries. Since China is also a land of food, a closer look at the dinner table provides us with a deeper insight into the soul of the people and the level of development of the world’s second largest economy since its reform and opening-up policy was introduced 40 years ago.

The new driving force represented by strategic emerging industries and sharing economy has continued to grow, injecting new vitality into China's economic development. In 2018, China's R&D investment ranked second in the world, technological innovation capability continued to improve, new industries and business models flourished, and the ...

Morning of November 22, 2008, 685 Party members in Dengmingsi Town, Dongguang County in Cangzhou, Hebei Province vote in competitive election for a new town Party secretary. / Photo by CFP III. Different Party Systems Are Influenced by Different Political Cultures. The Western-style multi-party system is a product of Western history and culture.

released the 2018 anti-counterfeit annual report. On January 10, Group released its 2018 annual report on IPR protection. According to the report, has built offline cooperation with the public security departments in 31 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government and autonomous regions nationwide in 2018, offering them 1,634 pieces of clues on ...

As the first World Internet Conference gets underway in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, we asked foreigners to compare their Internet experience in China with the services in their home countries.

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